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AJ502 Portable Power Station

AJ502 (150000mAh/555Wh) operates the dual AC outlets with a LED display, it’s perfect fit for outdoors travel home.
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Model name: AJ502 

Capacity: 150000mAh/ 555Wh

Size (L* W * H): 260 * 160 * 210mm

Output: 1 x AC110V 60Hz 500W (Peak Power 1000W)

  • 2 x USB QC3.0 5V/ 3A 9V/ 2A (Max 18W)

  • Type-C1 PD60W 5V/ 3A 9V/ 3A 15V/ 3A 20V/ 3A

  • 1 x DC +1 x Cigarette, 12V/ 15A (Max)

Type-C1 PD18W 5V/ 3A 9V/ 2A 15V/ 1.5A

LED: 2W, Bright/ Strobe/ SOS Mode

Input: DC 18V/ 4A (About 9 hours)

Type-C PD60W 5V/ 3A 9V/ 3A 15V/ 3A 20V/ 3A

Working Temperature: -10℃ (14℉) ~ 40℃ (104℉)

Charging temperature: 0℃(23℉) ~ 40℃(104℉)

Protective Function: Overload, Overvoltage, Overcurrent, Overheat, Short Circuit Protection